Strategy & Consulting

The digital and omni channel retail environment can be overwhelming even for seasoned enterprise brands seeking growth. Staying competitive requires strategic planning along with the infrastructure, supporting technologies, and guidance. It’s an investment to achieve long term success.

How we create winning strategies?

At Crescentic Digital, our approach to eCommerce strategy and consulting helps reinforce the foundation of your brand so you have a solid point to build and grow from.

Usability –
Our technical experts can review site usability and deliver a strategy to improve eCommerce usability in a way that improves the shopping experience and contributes to improved conversions.
Performance –

Part of building an effective strategy is understanding how your eCommerce store handles current traffic as well as how it will handle any forecasted growth. The Visiture team will provide forward direction and consultation on your eCommerce platform, current and potential performance issues, how those issues impact the customer experience (and your bottom line), and how we can fix them.

Integration –

Develop a strategy focused on delighting your customers with improved services and operations. Our eCommerce consultants will look at your logistics and fulfillment processes to help you find tools and integrations that reduce bottlenecks and make your online store more efficient.

Marketing -

From understanding market perspective to omni channel marketing strategies, social commerce, merchandising, promotions and more, our eCommerce marketing experts can help you create a strategy that captures the attention of your audience. We’ll help you balance acquisition strategies with customer retention to reduce costs and boost the maximum lifetime value of your current customers

Audits We Offer